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"Paris ain't much of a town."
- Babe Ruth

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Babe Ruth - Pinch Hit
16" x 12"
#59 Babe Ruth - Pinch Hit
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babe ruth - Old Gold
16.5" x 12"
#113 babe ruth - Old Gold
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Babe Ruth - Red Rock Cola
11.5" x 16"
#149 Babe Ruth - Red Rock Cola
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babe ruth - candy bar
16.5" x 12"
#150 Babe Ruth - Home Run Candy Bar
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BABE RUTH - Legends
12.5" x 16.5"
#730 Babe Ruth - Legends
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Babe Ruth - Never Let The Fear Tin Sign
12.5" x 16"
#1511 Babe Ruth - Never Let The Fear
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Babe Ruth - Licensed by CMG Worldwide, Indianapolis, IN 46202 U.S.A.

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Most are just $14.99 each.

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