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Fedral Duck Stamp - '60 King Buck Sign

Fedral Duck Stamp - '60 King Buck Sign

Currently Not Available

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Famous Photo is now selling these great reproductions of these classic tin sign ads. We have signs of all types - celebrities like Ricky Nelson, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean, tobacco and liquor products like Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort, Jim Beam, and Miller beer, Food and beverage products - Coca Cola, Pepsi, Dr Pepper, gasoline and oil signs, hunting and fishing, Gumby & Pokey, Betty Boop, Christmas images, children's toys, Vegtable and Flower seeds, Ford Thunderbird, Chevy Impala, Chrysler pickup trucks and automobiles, Indian motorcycles, AGCO, John Deere, International Harvester and other farm tractors. Popular artist like JoAnne Graham, Bessie Gutman, Lynn Kaatz, Bob Bates and many others to choose from. These high quality signs are unique gift ideas and make great bar and restaurant decorations.

Most of our signs are just $14.99 each.

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