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Little Rascals Movies

(1994) The Little Rascals [VHS]
The mischievous spirit (and several stories from) Hal Roach's "The Little Rascals" have been resurrected in this splashy family farce in which Spanky tries to keep "The He-Man Woman Hater's Club" exclusively male, causing problems for Alfalfa, who has fallen in love with a--ugh!--girl named Darla. Bug Hall, Travis Tedford and Brittany Ashton Holmes star. 83 min.

The Little Rascals (10 Episodes) [DVD]

Ten shorts Include "Teacher's Pet," "School's Out," "Readin' and Writin'," "Spooky Hooky," "Sprucin' Up," "For Pete's Sake," "The Kid from Borneo," "Dogs Is Dogs," "The Pooch," and the silent "Dog Heaven." 190 min. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; trivia; biographies; documentary; photo gallery.

The Little Rascals Collection [DVD]
Five-disc boxed set includes the silent shorts "Dogs of War" (1923), "Derby Day" (1923), "Stage Fright" (1923), "The Sundown Limited" (1924), "The Pirates (1923), "Mary, Queen of Tots" (1925), and "The Fourth Alarm" (1926); the sound comedies "School's Out" (1930), "Bear Shooters" (1930), "Our Gang Follies of 1938" (1937), and "Waldo's Last Stand" (1940); the gang's '50s TV reunion on "You Asked for It"; and the documentary "Kid Stuff: Inside Hollywood's Child Stars." 5 hrs. total. Standard; Soundtrack: English.

The Little Rascals Set: Vols. 1-12 [DVD]
Volumes 1-12 are available in this money-saving six-disc collection. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

The Little Rascals, Vol. 1 [VHS]
Pete the Pup helps the Little Rascals stop Grandma from getting swindled in "Fly My Kite" (1931); rich kid Wally gets some kicks from a mule in "Honky-Donkey" (1934); Spanky gets pelted by pea-shooters while performing Shakespeare in "Beginner's Luck" (1935); and in "Reunion in Rhythm" (1937) some of the original "Our Gang" alumni return for a song-filled revue. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

The Little Rascals, Vol. 12 [VHS]
Joe and Chubby square off in the ring in "Boxing Gloves" (1929); Spanky and pals are pirates in search of gold in "Mama's Little Pirate" (1934); Alfalfa prefers opera to crooning in "Our Gang Follies of 1938" (1937); and in "Hide and Shriek" (1938), detective Alfalfa searches for Darla's missing candy with help from deputies Porky and Buckwheat. NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

The Little Rascals, Vol. 2 [VHS]
The fire's on and the Rascals come to the rescue in "Hook and Ladder" (1932); a camping trip gets scary for the crew in "The First Round-Up" (1934); in "Teacher's Beau" (1935), Spanky and Alfalfa plot to get their teacher "unhitched"; and the "He-Man Woman Haters' Club" is a big success--until Alfalfa falls for Darla--in "Hearts Are Thumps" (1937).

The Little Rascals, Vol. 3 [VHS]
Jackie, Chubby and Farina have some unusual gifts for teacher Miss Crabtree in "Teacher's Pet" (1930); Jackie's feelings for Miss Crabtree in "School's Out" (1930) lead him to scare a "rival"; Chubby and Jackie battle for Miss Crabtree's affections in "Love Business" (1931); and Spanky and Alfalfa's elaborate hooky scheme could cost them a trip to the circus in "Spooky Hooky" (1936).

The Little Rascals, Vol. 4 [VHS]
Brisbane attempts to memorize a poem about picking daffodils in "Readin' and Writin'" (1932); the gang discovers that "Uncle George" is really "Bumbo the Wild Man" in "The Kid from Borneo" (1933); the gang tries to gain the attention of a truant officer's daughter in "Sprucin' Up" (1935); and Buckwheat plays Juliet to Alfalfa's onion-breath "Romyo" in "Pay As You Exit" (1936).

The Little Rascals, Vol. 5 [VHS]
Farina talks Wheezer into taking his baby brother back to the hospital in "Bouncing Babies" (1929); a pet show goes to the dogs when the gang gets in trouble in "Pups Is Pups" (1930); Stymie helps Wheezer save Petey from the pound in "Dogs Is Dogs" (1931); and Alfalfa boxes meanie Butch in the ring, with a little help from Buckwheat and Porky, in "Glove Taps" (1937).

The Little Rascals, Vol. 6 [VHS]
Rich Dickie Moore has Dr. Stymie cure his stiff neck with a mule ride in "Free Wheeling" (1932); the gang plays "Man on the Flying Trapeze" to gain attention at a radio audition in "Mike Fright" (1934); Waldo plays football instead of violin at his mother's luncheon in "Washee Ironee" (1934); and Spanky has a plan to save Alfalfa's skin from the nasty Butch in "Fishy Tales" (1937).

The Little Rascals, Vol. 8 [VHS]
In "Shiver My Timbers" (1931), the Little Rascals find their high seas fantasies become a reality; the kids then trade places with orphans during a train ride in "Choo-Choo!" (1932); un-fore-gettable hijinks ensue when the Rascals play golf in "Divot Diggers" (1936); and in the Oscar-winning "Bored of Education" (1936),Miss Lawrence catches Spanky and Alfalfa with phony toothaches.

The Little Rascals, Vol. 9 [VHS]
Jackie Cooper's attempts to get into his locked house prompt his neighbors to think he's a robber in "When the Wind Blows" (1930); Stymie has to save his dog Pete from the dogcatcher in "The Pooch" (1932); the gang is stuck at a strict boarding school where every meal seems to be "Mush and Milk" (1933); and Alfalfa and Butch are rivals in Spanky's talent contest in "Framing Youth" (1937).

The Little Rascals, Vols. 1-2 [DVD]
Includes "Fly My Kite," "Honky-Donkey," "Beginner's Luck," "Reunion in Rhythm," "Hook and Ladder," "The First Round-Up," "Teacher's Beau" and "Hearts Are Thumps." Standard; Soundtrack: English.

The Little Rascals, Vols. 9-10 [DVD]
Includes "When the Wind Blows," "The Pooch," "Mush and Milk," "Framing Youth," "Birthday Blues," "For Pete's Sake," "The Lucky Corner" and "Arbor Day." NOTE: This Title Is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.

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